Here's what's included...


to help consolidate the lessons and help you execute the skills you’re learning. I can’t be there do the work for you, but I can make it as clear as possible.

Video modules

Quick short lessons, covering what makes a good presentation, some do’s and don’ts, tips and how-to’s in PowerPoint. You’ll learn slide design and also how to present your presentation.


So you can easily prepare your presentation, add your copy, paste, and tweak without ever dealing with the headache of starting from scratch!


You will have this course for life, allowing you to use it as you like when you like.  No waiting for modules week-to-week.


Free stock photography site list.

Font list, a list of awesome fonts and where to get them.

Font pairing cheat sheet, know what fonts look good together.

Intro to colour theory, what colours work well together?

Brand mood board template.

Having a little makeover...

Thanks so much for your interest. The course is currently going through a little update. I’ll be in touch by email just as soon as it’s ready (it won’t be long as I really want to help you!)

In the meantime, why not take a look around?