Presentation Workshop


A presentation workshop covering the basics of creating your own presentations, as well as some tips for presenting them too.



A presentation workshop, covering the basics of creating effective presentations, we’ll also include tips for presenting them too.

By the end of the workshop, you will know how to improve the quality of your presentations and have more confidence in presenting them.

During the time together, we’ll work through the flow of your presentation. Are all of the slides in the right order? Does it make sense from start to finish? We’ll show you a step-by-step method to structuring your presentation to make it easy for you and your audience to follow.

We’ll also cover how to design and create clear and compelling slides. Our tips include layout and design, visualisation, graphs & charts, templates & masters, multimedia, and animation.

It’s not just enough to have an impressive-looking presentation; you need to know how to stand up and present it too. So we’ll give you tips to help improve your public speaking skills, helping you to deliver it professionally and confidently.

Places are limited to 15 per day and will start at 09.30 and finish at 17.00.


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27th February, 5th March, 19th March, 23rd April, 15th May, 25th June, 23rd September


Worcester, Birmingham